Modern Day Slavery

Abraham Lincoln was leader in the abolition of slavery. Martin Luther King followed in his footsteps to once and for all end racial segregation and intolerance. However, the inconvenient truth is that slavery is still alive and well today.
CapeMountUSA Slave Trade
In fact, it is rumored that their are possibly more slaves present today throughout the world than at the peak of the transatlantic slave trade. More than twelve million women, men and children were enslaved for over three hundred years until the nineteenth century abolition. Unfortunately, human trade and trafficking did not end there.
Presently, we are living in the most accepted time for international trade at twenty seven million enslaved people. Not to mention academic, international expert, Kevin Bales has collected evidence that states it is now cheaper to own a slave then it was in the nineteenth century. Bale explains that in the nineteenth century within the United States a slave would be sold for over one thousand dollars, which in today's inflated currency comes out to be forty to fifty thousand dollars a slave. On the contrary, today the price for a slave has fallen and come out to around ninety dollars a slave. This is a huge drop in price and value.
The civil war was fought about two hundred and fifty years ago but the United States government believes that today there are around seventy thousand people trafficked into slavery within the U.S. from overseas. It is unbelievable that this crisis is occurring in one of the worlds most powerful nations and a country that is leading the fight against global slavery.

CapeMountUSA Slavery in the 21st Century
A major reason for the slave trade growing bigger than ever is our globalized economy. It is highly likely that every piece of clothing, toy, shoe, or smartphone you buy is a product manufactured by slave labour. Slaves are now being flown around the world to their destined countries on commercial flights and have valid visas/passports.
A current U.S. slavery scam was by a company known as Global Horizon. The company flew in over three hundred Thai workers to become farm laborers. Each worker was given a U.S. Visas but had to pay larger 'registration fees' that are highly illegal. This meant that the workers were entrapped by large debts. The workers were promised years of work in order to pay off this debt and make money but in most cases the promised work never came.
A twenty first century evil is modern slavery. Slave trafficking is thriving across the globe. It matters not if you live in a third world country or a rich and powerful nation. New laws need to be put in place and enforced against slavery. This practice will continue if we do not step up our actions against slavery and further our human progression.