The Best Sights to See in Liberia

Yekepa, Liberia Liberia is full of historical tourist attractions that will amaze you. In the early 1430s to the 17th century Liberia served as a trading post for many colonial powers. The Liberian flag resembles the U.S. Flag so closely because the United States of America liberated the African Country from the colonial powers just after the turn of the 17th century. Liberia still contains its colonial charm. Besides Liberia's old cities it is also full of modern architecture, gorgeous nature outlooks, and beautiful beaches making for a must see travel destination.
Located just North of Liberia, it is home to an operating Mining company called Lamco. Although, Yekepa’s must see sight is Guesthouse Hill which is the highest point in the country.
Home of another mining town but the architecture of the cities buildings is what is truly worth viewing here. The cities walls were built in the late 1800s throughout the beginning out the 1900s. It is also home to a quaint museum that displays the ruins of the earliest mines.
This coastal town is home to one of the largest ports of this area. It too has many mines in which to sight see. The buildings in this town are modeled after the industrial era.
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Executive Mansion
Located in Monrovia, this Mansion is where the president and his family resides. Many government cabinet meetings take place with in this destination. The rooms are fully decorated with historical pieces. This is definitely a sight you do not want to miss.
This destination is best know for its amazing food and sandy beaches. You can snorkel in the morning and then grab authentic Liberian cuisine for lunch.
A tourist attraction mixing historic sights along with beautiful beaches. There are many activities available on Harper’s beaches like scuba diving, swimming and surfing. It is a top destination to travel to in Liberia.
Nature enthusiasts will adore this destination due to it's wildlife and rain-forests.

Sapo National Park
The best nature reserve in the country. One who enjoys a trip to Zwedru with be further impressed with a trip to the Sapo National Park. This national park is special because there are certain animal species only found within this region. A few of the animals found exclusively in the area include the Giant Forest Frog, African Civet, Great Blue Turaco, Crocodiles, bee-eaters, leopards, kingfishers, and White Necked Rockfowl.
Firestone Plantation
One of the most valued historical sights within the city. This plantation is known for its very controversial history.
Paynesville Omega Transmitter
Located on one of the tallest buildings in Liberia. It is not very easy on the eyes but the fact that it is placed on top of a building that is over four hundred and seventeen meters high makes it worth while.