Tips on Buying the Best Luggage for Your Money

Every consumer who plans a trip confronts with the problem of choosing the right kind of luggage that would meet his or her travel needs. It is important for the buyer to know what features and attributes to pay attention to, and which ones are not essential. And when you come across a cheap luggage option, how do you know if it's a really good deal or just a waste of money? The tips below will help you pick the best but still affordable luggage.
Where to Stay in Liberia Hotel Boyeros 1. A Designer Label Doesn't Guarantee Super Quality
Purchasing a brand name luggage doesn't always mean better quality, but it always means high price. In fact, you are likely to pay three times or more for a luxury brand than for a similarly made bag. Keep in mind that if the brand is well known and is heavily advertised, the company will include the cost of marketing activities into the price of the product anyway.
2. Check Out the Warranty
Many people look for quality luggage for a long-term use, so it makes sense to check out the manufacturer's warranty policy which is an indicator of durability. For example, bullet-proof fabric is one of the first things you should consider.
3. Go Ballistic
While hard cases have always been popular, still many travelers prefer lighter bags. Travel experts recommend splurging on high denier ballistic nylon. The thread in such fabric is thicker, so the bag is much less likely to rip or scuff. Today it's one of the best and the most durable materials used for luggage because of its high resistance to tearing, punctures, and abrasions.
4. Too Hard to Handle?
Both luxury and inexpensive wheeled bags have one common drawback: their retractable handles often break. The reason is that cheaply cast zinc parts are hidden inside the handle, so the best advice is to check whether the handle retracts and expands smoothly, as well as is long enough for your reach.
5. Travels in Tech
These days the most innovative luggage features not only waterproof pouches for toiletries to protect against possible spills inside the bag but protective pockets for such contemporary gadgets as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Make sure the one you are going to buy contains them if you plan to use your electronic gear comfortably on-the-go.

6. Does the Bag Have the Right Zip?
Any luggage consumer should make sure the functional parts are durable. A great zipper should be pretty large and work smoothly. In most cases a thin plastic or cheap metal zipper will have to be replaced in the future.
7. Take the Wheels for a Spin First
Cheap wheels tend to wear out fast so choose the bag with a large wheel base. Also it would be a good idea to test the rolling ease before making a purchase. The best option is the wheel with a sealed ball bearing system that will reduce the amount of dirt and dust that gets into it. Finally, weigh down the bag a little when you roll it, to test how those wheels will work.